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Study in New Zealand

Life experience
Studying in New Zealand will open your eyes and expand your horizons. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll never be far from a beach, some native bush or some wide open spaces. You’ll experience a unique and diverse blend of European and Maori traditions mixed with influences from Polynesia, Asia and elsewhere. You’ll be able to pick from a range of lifestyles and study in well-equipped but convenient campuses.
Male student rock climbing

You’ll have the chance to explore our stunning scenery, beautiful environment and unique wildlife. If you’re into adventure, you’ll be able to ‘live the dream.’ Our mountains, lakes and coast offer a dazzling array of high-octane activities that are affordable and easy to access. You’ll mix and make lifelong connections with new and interesting people both from New Zealand and around the world. And, if you’re a more mature student looking to pursue postgraduate studies, you‘ll enjoy easy access for your partner and children and domestic level fees for PhD students. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of an internationally recognised and high quality education – and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Unique hospitality
The spirit of welcome runs deep here. Maori have a word for it – Manaakitanga.

Loosely translated as hospitality, it sums up the act of welcoming and looking after guests. The idea is that by offering hospitality, generosity and mutual respect everyone involved comes out better off.

Lifelong connections
It’s not just the places you’ll see and the things you’ll do in New Zealand that will inspire you. It’s the people you’ll meet.

We New Zealanders are an easy going bunch. While we can be a bit reserved at first – we don’t like ‘coming on strong’ or imposing ourselves on people – we’re generally very good at including newcomers in invitations to the pub, the footie game or the team going to the movies. After all, we’re great travellers ourselves. We know what it’s like to find ourselves in another country and how important feeling welcomed can be.

You’ll also have plenty of other international students to mix and mingle with. In 2014 we had 93,000 of them, from just about every country in the world - all ‘newbies’ and all in the same situation as you. Your Kiwi study experience will give you all sorts of opportunities to make very special social and business connections that you'll treasure forever.